Shinemound has been manufacturing and sourcing products from Asia (China & Taiwan) for close to 30 years. Our GMP/ISO facilities guarantee quality for all of your purchased products from Overseas.

Shinemound can be your reliable, ethical, and silent partner in the US, Asia, China & Taiwan!

Shinemound has 33 years BME medical devices manufacturing services - 20 years OEM services, 13 years ODM services.

Clients/distributors/buyers to jointly set up 1st unique "BME CDMO" in Taiwan

Integrate all resources in Taiwan



        OEM and ODM

        Small scale to medium scale of output

Mass productions

        BME Industrial Parks to serve closer to each market.

        USA markets           - Dominican Republic

        China markets         - Hangzhou, China

        European markets   - Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Customer services centers

        Headquarters - USA

  • Exporting Partner
  • Manufacturing Partner
  • Trading Partner
  • Sourcing Partner
  • In-house Purchasing Partner
  • Innovative Biodegradable Partner
  • Consolidating Goods/Shipping Partner



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