Shinemound specializes in Single Source Supply & Joint Venture Technology Transfer

Unequaled Sourcing and Importation Services

Shinemound has a network of the world's best suppliers and manufacturing facilities capable of meeting all of your business requirements.  We offer a single source service specifically suited to locate your products and establish exclusive import requirements.  We consolidate products and have expertise in handling foreign exporters, harnessing the power and capabilities of collective purchasing.  In short, Shinemound can be your Buying House and Importer in the USA, complemented by our expertise and working knowledge of importation and FDA requirements.

Single Source Supplier

- Disposable Medical Products
- Medical Examination Gloves
- Isolation Gowns, Sleeves and Coveralls
- Masks- Surgical and Cone
- Disposable IV Sets, Urinary Drainage Bags
- Disposable Suction Catheter
- Medical Instruments and Devices
- Associated Equipment Parts and Industrial Parts
- Other Products

Bio-medical Engineering Professionalism 

We work directly with the FDA

With almost 30 years of experience, Shinemound has developed a relationship with factories and governmental agencies that allow us to overcome everyday obstacles experienced by other importers. This means that products reach the market on time and on budget.  This minimizes customer frustration.

We maintain quality control

It is the policy of Shinemound to control the quality of each product to be imported.  We adhere to and even exceed FDA requirements.  In this way Shinemound can ensure minimal risk in having the product rejected by FDA at the point of importation.

Pre-shipment quality inspection 

Manufacturing standards and quality controls are strictly enforced by Shinemound.

Protecting you if problems arise 

There are varying means at Shinemound's disposal to minimize monetary loss caused by FDA rejection of medical products. We are confident that we can maintain shipment goals and ensure prompt delivery or your next shipment is free!

Shinemound can manufacture & source from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.  We will personally oversee single or multiple product sourcing, utilizing our vast overseas network.  This capability and service is unequalled by others in the Import/Export business.


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